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Health benefits Celery seed

Health benefits Celery seed

Grain Celery has been used by drug Ayurvedic or Indian inflammation diseases to treat a number in the nature and very successful, and is still used to this day.
The Drug and The use of Celery

Ayurveda using the healthy grains celery to treat the illness such as: cold, digestive obstacies, bloating, arthritics and certain diseases from the heart, and the spleen, and the diuretics the most appreciated to remove excess water from the body and toksemia, thus reducing inflammation and swelling.

The disease rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation as these compounds gout, from the seed celery can help reduce muscle cramping and inflammation, according to research conducted by the University of Maryland, is determined that have flavonoid celery can reduce growth of bacteria H. pylori is called, is known to be agent in many cases gastric pain.

Celery not treatment that stands on its own to ulcers, but it can be added to the plan treatment for help in reducing growth of bacteria in high stomach.

Seeds and plants celery, proved to be a stock exchange useful in reducing their lungs thick mucous, especially from the patients with chronic diseases, fibrosis kistik and progressive that do not have any treatment, but celery can help in reducing symptoms and complications they.

According to the "Journal of Food Protection" between assessment will be done in effect from various essential oil in growth of bacteria, found that oil which is obtained from seeds celery, has the ability to inhibit growth of bacteria. De done since ancient celery seeds have been used for preserving food in the Middle East.

Other benefits of Celery Seed

For "TCM" of the drug plant seeds and sweet taste celery, shed and acid, and eventually developed the ability to moisten and refreshing body, stimulate, and maintain dissolve, property in industry for the treatment this ancient applied to cases hypertension, heart and gall bladder removal or purification and set up heart health
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