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The beauty benefits of the Oil

The beauty benefits of the Oil

olive oil to Make the use mask is one of the many beauty secret of mother nature that we have seen in the last decade. Although it is known to remarkable to provide health benefits you with balanced diet, but it can also be used to keep alive a beautiful and appearance.

The Ancient Egyptians, Greece, the Romans and The Phoenicians all known related components with oil skin beauty, the face, hair, nails, and breath fresh.

Clinical research in the last century has declared that a great deal with vitamin A, D, K and vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that reduce monitoring damage caused by the "free radical" (atoms and volatiles) created the cells oxidation and aging.

Here is 5 easy tips you can use to integrate oil beauty plans to you.

1. Olive oil to Make the use mask for tone skin and to keep skin elasticity. Honey Mix, oil and egg yolks until mixed. Apply masks to the area and then left for 15 minutes. Apply warm water to wash.

Two. To avoid stretch out your hand indicates, dry skin treatment, psoriasis and eczema skin by rubbing oil in the affected area of the bottle.

Three. Add to take a bath water and get moisturizing sticks.

In April. Handkerchief and feet in the middle of the night and then cover with pure cotton gloves and socks to suppress calluses and dried, skin.

Maybe. Pat on the lips at night and left for the healing cracked.

As Cabello.

Create a solution from heating oil to treat a dry hair or disabled by combining 2/3 container oil and 1 tablespoons honey in plastic bags sealable material. Fill a bowl of hot water and the place that has been sealed bags in the water until hot. (Don't let oil heat.) Applied a mixture oil and encourage the roots right through the ends of the hair. To protect with a bathroom and then it rolled shares closed at a towel with warm water. Left for around 20 minutes. Then, shampoo and normal condition.

Use as shampoo by direct application in the hair around half an hour to reduce curl and records, are divided into to improve treatment dandruff, excessive to stabilize oil prices and attraction harmful bacteria ..

For nails.

With Hot 1 tablespoons fresh lemon juice oil in a bowl. (Not to allow oil to warm.) the fingers bath for 5-10 minutes to strengthen nails and coated convenience.

For breath.

Take oil to deal with bad breath smell sweet salary. It also helps digestion, so that it is easy to the stomach area when eaten immediately.

Because so far is the world's richest countries in nutrition, you will reap best benefit from beauty advice is when you decide to use extra virgin olive oil with his face area, hair and care nails.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and you have some fun with all of this beauty treatment.

The beauty benefits

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