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Health benefits Celery

Health benefits Celery

Eating healthy and fresh parsley, help you reduce body weight, is diuretics, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory among many other benefits offered to enter into the diet healthy.
Benefits and characteristics of healing celery for our Health

Celery, diuretics strong and cleaner
ways To Reduce Body Weight with Sports
Celery used for infection of the kidneys to facilitate operations; and a cleaner to remove a very good waste in urine, such as uric acid and urea. Thus Celery encouraged as drug houses to dissolve a stone, eliminate toxins, anti-gout, rheumatism artikular and various conditions or to avoid excess soft heart.
He has a description of antibacterial and cleaner as blood help patients with diabetes in metabolism.
To reduce body weight eat more celery
Because the value is extremely low calories are ideal for use in diet. When you eat plenty fiber rough requires chew with good and provides a feeling satisfied.
Stock Exchange anti-inflammatory celery and pain in the joints
is suitable for treatment in the house for the process inflammation in the case gout or arthritis. Celery various compounds such as flavonoid help in the renovation joints and connective tissue.
Power antioxidants Celery
essential Oil Celery soluble antioxidant properties used to reduce deposisi cholesterol in
digestive problems
Celery arteries. saliva secretions promoting and gastric, so its usage is recommended for the appetite with evil and digestive system that are slow.
Treat Hypertension and fluid retention use Parsley,
celery essential oil help control hypertension is providing a stock exchange dilatation in the arteries kidneys and thus increase the amount of urine tests help to eliminate water and poison.
Celery to the problem skin
Celery provides substances that protects the skin and is activated by UV light increase the availability producing cells pigments on the surface of the skin. This was used in the cases of the psoriasis and to treat vitiligo.

Contraindication of Celery

Celery oil from excessive may be digested, but when cooked dissolved containing cellulose is good and making it more easily digested.

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