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The Magic lemon for oily skin

The Magic lemon for oily skin

lemon has many attributes that can increase the performance our skin in general and especially from the face to combat oily skin, preventing infections such as dermatitis and other important benefits.
Lemon influence on the skin greasy

To lemon slightly astringent, to remove dirt from pores that this was helping to make the skin, smooth and to shine with natural.

Ways To mitigate Avoid Cellulite Forever
Especially recommended for oily, as oil and raw sewage through pores and lemon, to exfoliant and astringent, eliminate these particles and the cells of the dead, komedo or acne dried up, and shut off pores.

In addition to remove fat from the skin, lemon's stock exchange opportunities to others in the skin to act as bleach, remove skin and skin wound that becomes affected heal by the emergence acne and komedo.

Not for use with many order or because the organic pure is very strong. Cleans skin once a week, has always been a lemon diluted in water or other substances such as grain (increase exfoliation), honey (keep skin), do to make the blemish disappear footprint bananas (and purified, providing other characteristics can be useful for lotion.

To optimize stock exchange benefit from a lemon in oily skin, make clean with soap and clean water in the night, and mix juice lemon juice, honey and wheat. Spread dough in soft so that it will not irritating skin, leave for 15 minutes and remove pasta with warm water. Your skin will be clean, smooth and there is no trace moist and greasiness.

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