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Tea for detoxification body

Tea for detoxification body

Is it true that some tea helps us to cleanse the body to eliminate toxins?

Infusion that detoxification it makes us feel better, more and more light health care for us.
Why infusion is needed for detoxification body?

Our bodies are constantly being gathered poison. These Poisons came from food (usually not enough for the life) from pollution, greenhouse gas (the greenhouse effect ... ) environment, coffee (which, although it's opportunities to be considered as a poison for the body) and some poison like tobacco and alcohol.

This poison accumulation reduce our health, and sometimes cause circulation bad, avoid cellulite, fluid retention in, skin grayish or yellowish, and even in severe cases can be changed liver function (scrubber body).

There is no doubt poison pile up, although in a lower level, so that it is very important to put into the tea our diet for detoxification body, to try to make waste products concentration in our interior.

What tea to purge the body?

We start with the family of it, which is tea. All tea (black, red, green) have characteristics of a very similar as it was taken from the variant that is different from the family botany period.

Tea is very good as antioxidants. Antioxidants help poison do not attack our structure, slowing down the signs of premature aging, so that gives you more healthy skin and securities free radicals decreases.

Other big property tea is the action diuretics. Tea stimulate elimination balance so that it is very suitable to expel toxic through urination and help the fluid retention.

The tea must realize that not advisable to consume afternoon, because they act as interesting central nervous system and can cause us insomnia.

Another group of tea for detoxification body will be pure infusion diuretics. As with tea, to stimulate the production urination, also stimulates the poison through this.

A infusion diuretics from a good result is horses. To avoid excessive with a very important in each case does not take infusion, advised producers. (This information should always be found on the label out)
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